Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Traditional playground surfaces are varied; mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips are a few of the go-to options of the past. More and more playgrounds are starting to make the switch to the synthetic turf as a safe alternative. Synthetic turf from Global Syn-Turf is the number one choice for optimal safety and durability in playground technology.

The traditional surfaces- mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips- are not adequately safe and tend to deteriorate over time. Heavy foot traffic in certain areas, such as under swingsets and merry-go-rounds, often leaves patchy uneven areas. Exposed dirt can be dangerous for falls and often lead to injury or harm. Playgrounds with rubber or rubber chip surfaces are a bit safer than their counterparts; however, in extreme weathers conditions the rubber can become hot to the touch or become brittle and crack under pressure. These reactions to hot and cold put the safety of those enjoying the playground in jeopardy.

S Blade 50 artificial grass is beautiful and versatile. The star of Global Syn-Turf Performance series, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and has excellent fiber and materials characteristics. S Blade provides system stability and resilience perfect for front and back yards, playgrounds, pet areas, and athletic fields.

Bright emerald green and olive green blade colors combined with curled brown and green thatching perfectly complement the natural beauty of fresh grass.

Turn your lawn into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat and forget about monthly maintenance fees for the next twenty years.

Artificial grass has never looked so real. S Blade-90 Green on Green is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to traditional lawns, playgrounds and pet areas.

Utilizing the latest technology to create the ultimate in artificial grass luxury and comfort, Double S-72 is outstanding for a surprisingly comfortable synthetic grass product that feels great when you kick your shoes off.

Ideal for hot climates and extreme weather, pet areas, playgrounds, landscapes. Unique W Blade technology diffuses light and heat creating a turf that is 15 degrees cooler than its competition.

Engineered with KoolMax Technology, the unique W blade shape diffuses sunlight and heat through the curves of its blades, lowering the overall temperature of the turf up to 15 degrees.

Rich and luxurious turf creates realistically beautiful plush lawn. Light and heat are diffused through the specialized curves of the blade making it ideal for regions with extreme weather conditions.

Beautiful green grass that will last for twenty years or more! Endures higher traffic levels making it a clear choice for busy playgrounds and a beautiful option for front and back yards.

Riviera Monterey-50 is ideal for commercial and residential landscapes. It can withstand rough wear, tear and extreme weather conditions with 20 years of projected life expectancy. Riviera Monterey-50 is ideal for landscape, pet turf, sports, deck, patio, roof.

Safe, cost-efficient alternative to traditional grass lawns. Retains plush, original, vivid green state month after month. Withstands any level of foot traffic, extreme weather patterns and function.

Suited for high traffic play and recreation areas, as well as lower traffic commercial and residential landscapes & pets areas. Provides a soft yet resilient cushion of turf safe enough for children to play on while maintaining top of the line durability standards.

Four-color multi-blades synthetic turf, Super Natural-60 offers remarkable realism. This premium product features vibrant color scheme, combined with the high-quality, dense construction.

An exclusively designed four-color multi-blades synthetic turf, Super Natural-80 offer remarkable realism. This premium product features vibrant color scheme, combined with the high-quality, dense construction.

Standard of durability for long lasting turf. Unique C Shape blades stand straighter under varying pressure and retain their original shape and blade position while ensuring that your lawn maintains its fresh green look every day.

Natural Blend, More Real Than Real Grass, Three Color Blade Combo! We are happy to introduce new, one of a kind artificial grass everyone loves!

Fashionable and versatile, perfectly suited to be the star of any outdoor event and the finishing touch that completes your home's meticulously designed yard.

Perfect for your commercial or residential landscape designs, safe for children & pets. Soft blades of green grass will last year after year despite extreme weather and wear.

Olive-51 is the most economical answer to all your landscape problems. Designed to handle up to medium levels of foot traffic, this durable turf is the top choice for landscapes - including ones designated for pet use.

Built for medium to heavy foot traffic areas, the realistically wide shaped blades of the Stem Grass design make Olive-92 Stem Grass the premier choice for natural looking landscapes without the hassle of living grass upkeep.

The most natural-looking artificial turf on the market. This turf can be installed on landscapes, lawns, playgrounds, traffic medians, pet areas, commercial or residential spaces, and is suitable for lightly to heavily trafficked areas.

One of the best synthetic grass solutions on the market. Creates perfect traction and the best force reduction properties. Proven to give the best game experience for players.

Cashmere 40 is excellent for commercial and residential landscape, playgrounds, pets areas, and public parks. It feels soft to the touch, and creates beautiful, always green lawn.

Cashmere 52 is ideal for deck, patio, roof, sports, pet turf, playgrounds, landscape. Turn your lawn into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat and forget about monthly maintenance fees for the next twenty years.

Artificial grass has never looked so real. The combination of field green and olive green colors with Brown and Green thatching looks natural and realistic.

Looks more realistic than many of its competitors and can handle up to heavy levels of foot traffic with resilient qualities that make it perfect for pet areas, recreation areas and meticulously designed landscapes.

High Sierra is one of the "tallest" and thickest artificial grass products. Encapsulating a beautiful structure and colorful field green and lime green appearance, this turf can be used for all sorts of landscape commercial and residential applications, including pet areas, city traffic medians, and playgrounds.

Soft to the touch, Sierra Super-94 is a popular choice for lawns at homes with families and pets who love to play outside. Eco-friendly Sierra Super-94 transforms imperfect, uneven grass into a bright green wonderland of perfectly manicured lawn.

Strong enough to withstand up to heavy foot traffic, Sierra Pro-70 will save you money and time in your day to day life. Forget daily watering or annoying brown, patchy spots and rocky terrain.

Features Overview

Global Syn-Turf offers synthetic turf specially designed for play and recreation areas. Resilient and dependable turf is the only way to ensure consistent levels of safety across the playground. Beautiful green artificial grass will stay lush, soft and cushiony through extremes in weather, foot traffic and function.

Global Syn-Turf considers overall safety, especially of kids, a top priority. Along with ensuring that your kids, pets, and family members have a safe and beautiful place to play, there are many other advantages to installing synthetic turf in playgrounds.

Variety of Products

Any of the synthetic grass products that Global Syn-Turf offers can be used for playgrounds and recreation areas. The choice of which product to use depends on the size and function of the playground. Differing equipment, such as merry-go-rounds or jungle gyms, often impact which turf best suits each scenario.

Protective Layers

Adding lawn padding or shock pads underneath the turf establishes a protective layer that cushions low-level falls and trips.

ASTM Tested

Global Syn-Turf products are all ASTM tested and approved by independent labs.

Soft Plush Grass

Soft, beautiful grass surfaces eliminate the threat of cuts and serious injury on the playground. Global Syn-Turf artificial grass remains plush, durable, and soft every day of the year.

Stain-Free Play

Synthetic turf will never stain clothes like natural grass. Rest assured that pesky grass-stains from the playground will never trouble laundry ever again.

No Allergies

Synthetic grass deters natural allergens that like to reside in grassy areas.

Efficient Drainage

Global Syn-Turf Trainers Turf-63 drains at a rate of 28 gallons per minute. Never worry about puddles or rained out fields again.

Year Long Protection

Synthetic grass stays plush, green and healthy all year long despite extreme weather or heavy use.

Specially designed to meet any requirement

Playgrounds and playground equipment are varied and diverse. Global Syn-Turf offers different turf options to meet any play area size and function. Take into consideration the traffic areas around the jungle gym, merry-go-round, and swingset to ensure you choose the right turf for the right environment.

Important factors:

  • Type of playground equipment
  • Height and use of equipment
  • High and Low traffic areas
  • Safety concerns
  • Customer's aesthetic preferences

Height and use of any playground equipment are important to know because it affects the amount of padding or cushioning that is required to meet safety standards.

High traffic areas need turf options that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

These considerations are all important when designing the perfect playground. You have complete control over the look and features of the synthetic turf installed in your recreation area. Global Syn-Turf is guaranteed to have the largest selection of products and accessories to choose from.

Environmentally Friendly

Global Syn-Turf prides itself in producing environmentally friendly artificial grass. Global Syn-Turf continually works to better the environment and maintains a green footprint. In addition to the vast benefits of saving water, Global Syn-Turf strives to lower carbon footprints, extend the life of turf, and work towards a solution for proper recycling of used turf.

The benefits installing synthetic turf has on the environment are visible on a daily level. Countless gallons of water are saved by not having to participate in the daily watering maintenance lawns across the country. Synthetic turf decreases the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used to keep natural grass meeting the high levels of beauty standards for lawns. With the reduced use of these harsh chemicals, synthetic turf is reducing the risk of poisoning or dangerous reaction from runoff or chemical exposure. Global Syn-Turf offers lead-free synthetic turf that is safe for everyone to enjoy.


Installation of Global Syn-Turf artificial grass significantly reduces carbon emissions, chemical contamination, and unnecessary fuel consumption from lawn equipment, not to mention eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides that can leach into the ground and drainage systems.

Water Saving

Ditch constant watering and watch your water bill lower and water reserves fill up.

Pet Friendly

With the installation of synthetic turf as a pet area, your pets are not exposed to any harmful chemicals and have a safe, clean place to do their business. Bonus, no unsightly brown spots.

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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic turf systems which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the United States. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. Global Syn-Turf is the exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.


Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of artificial turf in United States that produces and stores the largest inventory of synthetic turf in the country. Our certified production plants, in the United States and overseas, produce synthetic grass for lawns, sports fields, putting greens, playgrounds, traffic medians, roof-tops, and more.